Word of Deliverance Conference: Friday speakers

Submitted by beatymccloud on April 25, 2009

Date: Saturday, April 25, 2009
Location: Berkeley Springs, WV
Section: religion
Tags: Word of Deliverance, conference, lynn hiles

Morning Speaker:
Danny Ray Philips (Lake City, TN)

Message Summary:
Danny spoke on how (and why) God uses people that the world has rejected. He also drew on the story of Moses to illustrate mistaken identities, who people really are, and why/how they are used to accomplish God's tasks. He also raises challenges regarding people being used for ministry that others wouldn't normally think of using.

Evening Speaker:
Dr. Lynn Hiles (Berkeley Springs, WV)

Message Summary:
Lynn spoke on Deuteronomy and Romans 10. Some of the points talked on involved not trying to get to Heaven at some point in the future, but bringing Heaven here on earth now. He spoke on the Ark of the Covenant, the significance of what it was and contained, and the purpose of the law and ten commandments. Lynn also spoke on Christ in us, the hope of glory.

This message can be downloaded from the Lynn Hiles website: http://www.lynnhiles.com/zen/index.php?cPath=19_6

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