Jesus Saves, Xenu Defrags

Submitted by mmcvey on December 22, 2008

Date: Monday, December 22, 2008
Location: Manchester, NH
Section: scitech
Tags: Xenu, Scientology, Diskeeper, Defrag

Alexander Godelman, chief information officer, and Marc Le Shay, Automation Planning Officer, both formerly of Diskeeper Corporation (formerly Executive Software), filed suit last month stating religious discrimination. The charge against Diskeeper go specifically to the chosen religious practices of founder and CEO, Craig Jensen.

Jensen is a "committed Scientologist" who, according to the lawsuit, attempted to force these men into Scientology-based trainings and claimed they were compulsory to their further employment. Naturally, they refused and were promptly booted from the spaceship. The suit itself mentions unspecified damages, but the two are also trying a little crusade of their own to end the forced indoctrination by adding a little injunction to prevent otherwise sane employees from heading to the volcano of religious doom otherwise known as Study Technology. Xenu's defraggers claim that religious practices are protected by the First Amendment and therefore such an injunction would violate that basic principle: the right to brainw-- worship. That's what I meant.

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In scientology, Xenu is the dictator which brought his people to earth to be killed in volcanoes:

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