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Submitted by mmcvey on October 15, 2008

Date: Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Location: Boston, MA
Section: editorial
Tags: Kevin Smith, porno, movie

In a continued effort to protect our children from learning naughty words like "make", many cities, cable companies, TV stations, newspaper and other publishers, have found a new target for their ground axes: Kevin Smith. Mr Smith has not been known for making "family-friendly" films (ie Chasing Amy or anything with Jay and Silent Bob), but his stories have always had a message of some kind... somewhere... and with some laughs to boot. It's a win-win.

However, his latest film, "Zack and Miri make a [expletive deleted]", has raised the ire of family groups and general naysayers of common indecency. For the children, of course. Several cities, including Philadelphia and Boston, are banning posters from bus stops and other public places, as well as from TV spots on such innocuous things as baseball games (where it's okay to spit, adjust your cup, and curse if they can't hear you), because of the word "[expletive deleted]".

Now, what's intriguing is that these same bus stops have carried ads with sexually implicit material from clothing, perfume & cologne, and other spots that strike the visual imagination about the nature of sex, but the use of a specific word is just way too implicit for some people. We have commercial spots for caffeine drinks that are constantly about the sexual nature of humans, but because it's "hidden" in such a way a small child would not comprehend it, that is deemed acceptable. The complaints pouring in are about children asking questions and parents not wanting to answer with such vapidity as "it's an adult joke" or "it's something your older brother can tell you".

We spend all this time saying how wonderful children are but how they're not fully developed and how no one seems to know exactly when they are fully developed so we should protect them but don't censor anything but they're not old enough to understand because their minds aren't developed enough yet you should expose them to as much as possible so they learn everything they can and because we have no say as to what they should or should not know about because they're allowed to do whatever they want even though they're not fully developed... It's enough to make you crazy and want to make pornos...

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