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Xenu is real. Sightings in California

religion : KESQ reporter gets the truth from Scientology spokesman. Most of us already knew this from South Park.
John Nash speaks at NPS

social : John Nash visits the staff of Fleet Numerical.
Hollywood: Relevant Idolatry

entertainment : Entertainment is our new faith, it's our new hope of a better future. Why is our future so hopeless then?
M&M Movie Review: Inkheart

entertainment : Malc and MissERose review the Brendan Fraser's film "Inkheart".
Electric in CA

scitech : Vista, CA-based Aptera plans on building a fishy-looking, three wheeled, technically a motorcycle, car onto the CA populace.
Jazz Bash by the Bay

entertainment : Dixieland Monterey's celebration of Classic Jazz, Swing, and Ragtime is set for the weekend of March 6th.
M&M Movie Review: Paul Blart: Mall Cop

entertainment : Malc and Miss E. review the recently released "Paul Blart: Mall Cop".
McRIP - Ricardo Montalban 1920 - 2009

entertainment : KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!
Free admission to Disney Land for U.S. Military

social : Disney is offering free tickets to active and retired U.S. military personnel for their Disney Land theme park.
Laser operators are needed for the AT&T PRO-AM

sports : Details if you are interested in volunteering.
Majel Barrett Roddenberry 1932-2008

entertainment : Majel-Barrett Roddenberry dies of leukemia in her Bel-Air home. A terrible loss.
Spike TV VGAs 2008

entertainment : Spike TV has its sixth annual Video Game Awards. See who won.
Free Admission Month at Monterey Museum of Art

entertainment : Both branches of the Monterey Museum of Art will be free to the public for the month of December.
Free Community Open House at the Monterey Aquarium

social : The Monterey Bay Aquarium will be free to residents of Monterey County this Saturday.
Interview: Economic observations and recommendations

business : Observations on the economy from a small business owners perspective, changes they have had to make, and what her company is doing to stay afloat.
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