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Jazz Bash by the Bay

entertainment : Dixieland Monterey's celebration of Classic Jazz, Swing, and Ragtime is set for the weekend of March 6th.
Phone Call Scam Targets NH

health : Another phone scam, but it's the first of its kind to hit NH. Contact DHHS if this happens to you.
Bill Clinton compared to Titanic

humor : I don't know if this is a true email, but still pretty funny.
IT work compared to "other" work

humor : Curious comparison, but still true.
Verizon - Fairpoint cutover

business : The transition of New England phone/internet services from Verizon's legacy hardware to Fairpoint will occur over the next week
Oscar Begat playing with The Watercallers

entertainment : Playing at The General Store Cafe Saturday night from 8:30-11:00.
Major winter storm

weather : The NWS has expanded the region effected by the winter storm that is expected for New England on Wednesday.
M&M Movie Review: Paul Blart: Mall Cop

entertainment : Malc and Miss E. review the recently released "Paul Blart: Mall Cop".
McWatch: Revolutionary Road

entertainment : If you want a movie that makes you question your marriage, your kids, your entire life, have I got the movie for you...
Hillary Clinton Is Not Legally Secretary Of State

politics : Hillary's not legal, just don't make me the messenger. I contest that Obama knows this, too. There's no mistakes here.
3 alarm fire in Bedford.

social : 3 alarm Fire in Bedford, home is total loss.

politics : Obama stops proceedings at Gitmo and vows to shut down the prison camp. The US gets sued by a former prisoner.

politics : President Obama supports sweeping abortion changes. Look up HR 1709 sometime and get a feel for what's coming.
Inaugural Invocation

politics : At the AP site (as transcribed by CQ Transcriptions)
Inauguration Benediction

politics : As reported by The Associated Press (as transcribed by CQ Transcriptions)
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