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Hollywood: Relevant Idolatry

entertainment : Entertainment is our new faith, it's our new hope of a better future. Why is our future so hopeless then?
Winter Storm Warning

weather : Significant amounts of snow are forecasted. Only travel in an emergency.
JRHS Open House

education : Come learn all about a JRHS education. Meet the faculty. Meet students. Learn about the curriculum, and Project Based Learning.
Bebo Norman playing at MCC

entertainment : 12 dollar general admission.
M&M Movie Review: Inkheart

entertainment : Malc and MissERose review the Brendan Fraser's film "Inkheart".
Sirius XM filing for bankruptcy

scitech : Advisers have been hired for a possible bankruptcy filing in the coming days. Poor Howard Stern.
MANAFEST playing at the Black Brimmer

entertainment : Only 10 bucks, presented by The Revolution Show.
MZCS Missions Project

religion : Teens preparing to minister at the Dream Center in Buffalo will host a Souper Supper from 5 til 6:30 at MZCS at 132 Titus Ave
Jack Fallon Blood Drive

social : This is the 5th annual blood drive in memory of Jack Fallon, who himself lived an extra year thanks to the donations of others.

entertainment : 7/10 for action. There is non-stop violence. Not enough. 6/10 for plot. What plot? 5/10 for acting. They really didn't have t
Electric in CA

scitech : Vista, CA-based Aptera plans on building a fishy-looking, three wheeled, technically a motorcycle, car onto the CA populace.
JRHS Post & Beam Demonstration

education : Students from Jesse Remington will be demonstrating post & beam construction at this years Farm & Forest Expo.
MZCS Missions Fundraiser Breakfast

social : Students from Mt. Zion will be holding a fund-raiser as part of a homeless outreach missions trip.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine

entertainment : The Canuckle Head gets released to big screen and I'm pretty psyched!

entertainment : Watchmen officially releases 6 March 2009. What an uphill climb it's been.
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