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McView: Angels & Demons

9/10: Aside from the obvious blue-screen work this was a good film.
McWatch: Star Trek

9.8/10: I only got three complaints. Tyler Perry. Eric Bana. Winona Ryder. Otherwise this movie was perfect!
McWatch: Wolverine

5/10 for Wolverine fans. 8/10 for blockbuster action. 7/10 overall. Gambit has no accent... 'Nuf said, Bub.
Star Trek release date

Opening date for the upcoming Star Trek movie.
Seussical the Musical

The Anselmian Abbey Players of Saint Anselm College present classic Dr. Seuss stories in musical form.
Merrimack Valley Christian Film Festival

This is a free event open to the public.
Anything Goes Review

Anything Goes by The John Stark Stage Company
Anything Goes

Come see John Stark's Production of Anything Goes! :)
M&M Movie Review: Watchmen

Malc and MissERose review Watchmen
Daniel King & Amy Petty playing at the Black Brimmer

Only 10 bucks, presented by The Revolution Show.
McView: Slumdog Millionaire

8/10. Rags-to-riches stories are the same in any part of the world; just change the language. Yes I just saw this movie... :p
McView: Watchmen

10/10: Adaptation. 9/10: If it were just a movie.
Terminator Salvation release date

The saga surrounding John Connor continues ...
Anything Goes

Come see John Stark's Production of Anything Goes! :)
Hollywood: Relevant Idolatry

Entertainment is our new faith, it's our new hope of a better future. Why is our future so hopeless then?
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